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Balls 2 That

We are Button Mash Productions

A group of artists, writers, designers, developers, drunkards, pirates,
and straight up goddamn space aliens who have united under a single banner to
crush our enemies, to see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their
gender-nonspecific significant others. Oh, and to make comics. We do that, too.

Jose Rojas - Head Cheerleader

Jose Rojas

Head Cheerleader

Luke McKay - Executive Beer Drinker

Luke McKay

Executive Beer Drinker

EnzoComics - Head Stripper


Head Stripper

Cheer Up, Emo Kid

by Enzo

Cheer Up, Emo Kid is a webcomic centered around life, love, and loss; whose mission is to bring to light the rarely acknowledged humor found in the most terrible of situations — be it heartbreak, depression, social awkwardness, loneliness, or anything in between; and something to keep you company when no one else will.
Written and drawn by Enzo

Balls 2 That

by Luke McKay

Balls 2 That is a webcomic written and draw by Luke McKay and edited by Jose Rojas. It is the story of a guy, a girl and blender that loves them. It's a little blue, it's a little crude, and it's also drawn that way. (crudely drawn with blue colors)
Balls 2 That started as a series of side comics while Luke was working on the Rooster Teeth comics and shares a lot of that style.

Button Mash Comics

by Jose Rojas and Luke McKay

Written by Jose Rojas and drawn by Luke McKay Button Mash Comics are a series where the team can write about anything that tickles their fancy or unmentionables and they typically are about video games, geek pop culture, and parodies every day life at Button Mash Productions.

Battle Nations Comics

by Luke McKay

Periodically updated fan comic of the videogame Battle Nations by Z2

by EnzoComics, Jose Rojas, Luke Mckay is a free guide and resource hub for cartoonists who want to start publishing comics digitally to the web, for established webcomic artists looking to improve their craft, or for anyone curious about learning how to make webcomics.

Design Junkies

by EnzoComics

DESIGN JUNKIES is a comedy webcomic for web designers, set in the office of a web marketing agency of the same name. Written and illustrated by EnzoComics, it is loosely based on his brief time working as an (un)professional web designer.

If you’d like to work with us, plan an expedition through deep space, contribute to our plans of global takeover with a robot army of killer marisupials, or just grab a beer, drop us a line.

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